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Hope is a beautiful little muffin who was abandoned at the local hospital when she was born. We brought her into our home and had a family in the States who wanted to adopt her. Because of corruption in the adoption system, Hope was taken from us and her new family.

But God always has a plan. Through this heartbreak and tragedy, He revealed to us the great need for a children’s home in the parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica.

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St. Thomas, Jamaica lacks industry to provide jobs, therefore it is the poorest parish in Jamaica. Culture and scarce jobs leave many mothers in situations where they are unable to care for their children. Many children are removed by the Child Development Agency from volatile situations or unhealthy environments. All the children removed have survived traumatizing experiences and need a home where they are loved and shown the love Jesus has for them.

Hope’s House is the first and only existing children’s home in St. Thomas. Before it, children were being removed and sent to outside parishes.

It is our privilege and responsibility to give each child in our care the individual attention that they require, the hope that comes from Jesus, and the tools to have a promising future.

God provided a beautiful home in Botany Bay, St. Thomas, where we have been able to create a home environment for up to ten children. The first five children came to our home just in time for Christmas 2021! Already, we have seen each of our children begin to heal and grow, we have seen them pray for each other and love each other, (when they aren’t fighting like siblings).

Hope’s House also provides many jobs in this small community by hiring moms so they are able to take care of their families. This affords Seaglass the opportunity to do exactly what God has asked us to do, showing the love of God and changing a community one person at a time.


God is already writing the next chapter of Hope’s House!! We have been given almost five acres of “Miracle Land”, overlooking Morant Bay in St. Thomas, Jamaica. It is a beautiful lot that will both house our children as they grow and provide us with room to care for many more. We are calling this project Phase II and are in the early planning stages but would like to begin construction as soon as God says it’s time.


We’re very excited to get this going and see what God does. We know God is at work and He so loves the little children!


Please Pray! Please come and work! Please give generously as God directs you! Hope’s House needs monthly commitments or one-time gifts to cover the children’s expenses and the pay for staff. Every single prayer and donation are appreciated, and we thank you.

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